Monday, July 7, 2014

Around the House: Progress in the Nursery Pt. 2

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. I used the extra time off to make some progress in the nursery, so I thought I'd share an update. 

For this project I had a few stipulations. It had to be done cheaply, use stuff I already own, have a classic aestethic, and not be too "baby" looking so there is no need to overhaul the room in a few years. So here's what I came up with......

The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace (sidenote: I actually got the paint from Sherwin Williams, which is a few blocks away. Did you know you can have them reproduce colors from other companies?). I couldn't decide on a color, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with white. It makes the small room feel larger, and is gender neutral. The window curtains are Ikea's RITVA. I have these in every room in our house. They are cheap, wash well, and stand the test of time. I highly recommend them. The candle sconces are vintage and  were purchased years ago on sale at AVENUE ANTIQUES. I've had them hiding in a closet and almost forgot I owned them. Finally, they have a home :-)

Above the crib is an old ship pic. I like to incorporate nautical elements throughout our home because it makes me feel like I'm on vacation at the beach. It's also a nod to the hubs who is a former sailor. The ship photo was picked up in DC at GOOD WOOD years ago.

 For the rocking chair I went back and forth about reupholstering. Unfortunately, reupholstery was just not in the budget, and not a job I thought I could DIY. To change the color, I just plopped a blanket over it. It's not perfect, but definitely gets the job done. 

 The chest as you'll RECALL was something I already owned and painted. The lamp I got a while back for $10 at Target. The shelf above the chest was a vintage find from THE TURNOVER SHOP.

The rug is just a simple classic sisal rug. It adds texture, and pretty much goes with anything in case I want to move it to a new room or change this room's color scheme later. I found it at Homegoods for the great price of $25!

I'm almost done with things. I'd just like to add a small child sized chair and perhaps a crib skirt.


  1. So serene and beautiful! The vintage sconces are such a nice touch to the all white nursery :)

  2. Wow! You're fast….didn't you just post this room as empty?? I like how peaceful it is….it's very calming. I love the white walls and the different pieces (lampshade, rug, sconces) that bring in texture! Great job!

  3. Thanks Fran. Yes the room was empty not too long ago. I was able to make progress fairly quickly since most of the items were sourced from the back of my closets and basement :-)

  4. Whenever we have our first, this is exactly how I want to decorate the nursery--no frills, simple and clean and functional! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  5. Simple and functional often are underrated, but I find my life is ten times easier when I stick to these principles.

  6. Oh my gosh, really lovely elegant nursery, well done you! I love the white and grey together, so fresh and the iron piece on the wall. We also have those ghost chairs in blue, they have been fantastic so easy to keep clean and visually see-through.

  7. Thanks. The grey you see is actually an oatmeal color, it doesn't show up well on camera. I have a few ghost chairs they are some of my favorites because of the see-through aspect you mentioned. They offer function without taking up a lot of space visually, which is important in smaller rooms.

  8. this nursery is so pretty! bravo! i love all the muted really is calming

  9. It's so peaceful looking and pretty!

  10. Your nursery is gorgeous. So serene and natural. Your iron sconces and ghost chair (which has been on my wish list for too long now) are the surprise in your design that really is cool. Totally agree on the RIVTA panels. I have 4 that are on sliding doors, so washing and bleaching has happened a lot, and they still look great. Is your crib new? It's identical to the crib that I used for my girls (they're 39 & 35), then for my 5 grandchildren! It's now in my attic. Can't let it go : ) Lovely, elegant space you created.

    1. Thanks Paula. Ghost chairs are great to have on hand. I find they go with almost anything and are relatively comfortable. Yes, the crib is new. I wish it were vintage as I feel older pieces are often built more solidly than newer ones. However, I wanted to make sure safety standards were up to date so went new.