Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Baltimore

Thank you to the members of my community, from all walks of life, who came together to peacefully assemble yesterday. Your presence helped to protect our neighborhood from harm, and to demand an equitable and reasoned resolution to Freddie Gray's death. A special thanks to Councilman Bill Henry for his impeccable leadership during this time. I am proud to call myself a Baltimorean!

Thomas Merton

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

6 Months

Dear Baby Z,

In April you entered your sixth month of life. I can hardly believe how fast you are growing. Some days I wish I could push pause to savor your babyhood more deeply. The other mamas told me this would happen, and they were absolutely right!

This first half year of parenthood has been quite the journey. To say it is hard work is an understatement. Life is now filled with a million to-dos and not nearly enough sleep, but you've certainly been worth the trade-off. Just seeing you smile and the way you light up when Daddy comes home melts my heart. And the teamwork you force your father and I to do just to survive, has strengthened our marriage in unimaginable ways.

In these past few months you have become our best little friend. You make an excellent workout partner, and holding you while I exercise is helping to tone me up. You are also a wonderful confidant, and more than once I've caught your father bouncing ideas off of you. Of course you do not talk back yet, but I think that's a part of what makes you such an awesome little buddy right now.

We are both enjoying watching you grow, learn to sit up, giggle, play with your toys, and eat solid foods. It has been as one friend put it, "a time your kid will never remember, but you will never forget."

We love you with parts of hearts we did not even know existed, and I am awestruck by how blessed we are to have you.

Love Always,
Mom & Dad

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sale Alert: Timonium Totswap

Hi locals. This weekend the local children's consignment pop-up shop Totswap will be holding a sale at the state fair grounds in Timonium. It's a great place to find affordable kids clothes and toys. You can learn more HERE.

Friday, April 3, 2015

What I Learned in March

1) How to make croutons, tortillas,  vegetable stock, and a bunch of other stuff. I have been cooking up a storm lately. With learning to cook comes lots of hits and misses. Thankfully, I've had several hits as of late, so I'll have several good recipes to share with you soon. A few basic items I learned to make that are easy and delicious are croutons (found HERE), tortillas (found HERE), and vegetable stock (found HERE). I will try my hardest to make all of these at home from now, instead of buying them pre-made as they turned out so much better than the off the shelf stuff.

2) How to clean my yoga mat. The other day I noticed my yoga mat was hurtin' for a cleaning. I tried wiping it down with a rag and some all-purpose cleaner but that did not do the trick. So I decided to put it in the washing machine (alone) on the delicate cycle. It worked wonders.

3) Fancy kitchen equipment is not for me. As I cook more and more, I'm beginning to feel it's time to invest in more kitchen equipment. I recently purchased a fancy mandoline in the hopes of making restaurant grade french fries and such. When I brought it home and started using it, I realized it was way more hassle than it was worth. For now I'll be sticking to a knife and cutting board. Are there any kitchen tools you cannot live without? Please share in the comments section.

4) Slow cookers are splendid! I bought a slow cooker off Ebay a few weeks ago for not too much money. I am enjoying the heck out of that thing. Why didn't I purchase one of these earlier?!? For a busy parent who is trying to eat healthier this thing is amazing. I've been making all types of yummy soups and stocks in it. I can't get enough.

5) I really enjoy Bells of Ireland. I picked up a Bells of Ireland bouquet from the grocery store a few weeks ago. It was my first time having any in the house, and I really enjoyed looking at them. The pop of green they added really lifted my spirits.

What's something you learned this month? To learn from others visit CHATTING AT THE SKY.