Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Worth Your Money: Ting

One of my most recent mini money goals has been to reduce our monthly telephone costs. Normally we spend around $150 a month for our cell phones through Sprint, and after thinking about it, this seemed a bit ridiculous to me. In my hunt for possible money saving solutions I came across a lovely company called TING.

Ting allows Sprint users to switch to their services free of charge, and charges a reoccurring monthly fee based upon your usage. There is no sign-up fee and no contract commitment. You can start with a plan as low as $3/month for up to 100 minutes. See all their plans HERE. What differentiates Ting from other companies is that they do not offer subsidized phones, so you have to pay out of pocket if you want a new one. By not subsidizing phones they can offer bare bones monthly rates. This works out great for a person like me who plans to use my existing phone until it dies, and then buy a used one whenever it needs to be replaced. So far, in our two months with Ting we've spent an average of $64 total for two phones, a savings of $86 a month or over $1,000 a year. Heck yeah, mission accomplished! If you would like to switch to Ting, use this LINK to sign up online and you'll receive $25 off your first bill.

“If you can, you will quickly find that the greatest rate of return you will earn is on your own personal spending.” ~Mark Cuban


  1. Do you have a smart phone or a dumb phone (just talk and text) like I have? Wondering how well data comes over? I'm thinking of switching to a smart phone soon so curious. thanks for any info.

    1. Hello. I have a smart phone. I have not had any issues with the data, it comes over well. I receive the same level of service I had with Sprint.