Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moving from DC to Baltimore

(Home in leafy Baltimore neighborhood)

If you would've asked me 10 years ago would I ever live in Baltimore, I would've told you heck no! It's funny how life throws you curve balls. It's been three years since I moved from DC to Baltimore, and so far Charm City isn't so bad. Due to astronomical housing prices I know many a folk who've considered making the same move up to B'more, so I'm gonna breakdown for you a few reasons why you should do it.

1) Housing prices, duh! It costs too much to live in DC, and as a young person you'd like to be able to foresee yourself owning a home one day, and I mean a real home, none of that $350k for a lackluster condo crap. In B'more you can get a nice 3 bedroom renovated home in a good neighborhood for under $250k, and for $350-400k, my goodness, you can live like the Cosbys.

2) The food. DC food tastes like crap! Sorry Washingtonians, but it's the truth. Your city has many great things to offer, but food ain't one of em'. Baltimore on the other hand, has several finger lickin' good establishments. Just typing this has got me feenin' for some GYPSY QUEEN! (More on Gypsy Queen in a later post, for now just know they make the BEST crabcake known to man.)

3) Diversity in housing stock and neighborhoods. One of the things I like most about B'more is it's architectural diversity. It's got cute little craftsman bungalows, awesome victorian brownstones, fabulous Dutch colonials, and vintage tudors just to name a few. Can you believe all these cuties are in one city?

(Guilford neighborhood)

 (Lake Walker Neighborhood)

(Cedarcroft neighborhood)

(Keswick neighborhood)

(Evergreen neighborhood)

(Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood)

(Bolton Hill neighborhood)

(Homeland Neighborhood)

4) Baltimore is on the come-up. When many outsiders hear the word Baltimore, the first thing they think of is The Wire. While it's true there are some very impoverished, neglected, and crime ridden parts of the city, that's not the whole face of the town. There has been a newfound appreciation for all the city has to offer as of late, and for the first time in decades Baltimore saw it's population increase. At the same time there's been a crazy number of developer home renovations going on, that have been bringing older Baltimore homes back to their former glory. You better hurry and buy-in while prices are still affordable! 

5) You want to retire one day. The cost of living is so high in DC on more than one occasion I've heard young people say their retirement strategy is death. This is sad people. I know DC is a lovely city, but it's nothing to kill yourself over. Not only are housing prices lower in Baltimore, but so are other big expenses like daycare, which means if you spend your money right you can retire one day with plenty of life left to live.

7) Stunning gardens. Spring time is absolutely beautiful in many parts of Baltimore. Residents in many neighborhoods take their gardening serious, and it shows. When May comes around, scenes around the city are simply breath taking.

8) Close proximity to great cities. Baltimore is close to several great places. You can get to NYC in 3.5 hours, Annapolis in 30 minutes, Philly in 1.5 hours,  St. Michaels in 1.5 hours, and DC in 1 hour when you need to.

(Annapolis waterfront)

So if you're a stressed out Washingtonian wondering how you're gonna financially survive, think about making a move to Baltimore.

"Your city does not impose a cost of living upon you. You get to choose both the city in which you live, and how much you spend once you get there." ~Mr. Money Mustache


  1. Such a beautiful neighborhood! Looks like you made a great move. California is so dry with out mass water shortage. I am jonesing for some greenery like that!

  2. Thanks. Yes, the greenery is really great. Ir provides a nice pick me up when spring and summer come along.

  3. i love all of those areas... old established neighborhoods are my favorite. The greatest thing about Baltimore is that we are near the water. Paul and I would stay on our boat every day if we could. I live not to far from you. In fact, if you've even had coffee at the Belvedere, then I am sure you've seen my daughters happy face. : )

  4. Yeah, the water is a great feature as well. I'm within walking distance of Belvedere so have probably seen her before :-)

  5. I love the square. My oldest has worked there for about 4 years now.

  6. All these are so cute! I grew up 30 miles north of Baltimore!

  7. Like the houses..
    I was lucky enough to spend 5 weeks in Baltimore for my work in the 90s and I was very taken with it all.
    Re the food - for a memorable happy hour experience with great food, the Cross Street Market takes some beating - an original, atmospheric and colourful building that could easily have been used as a film set. Top notch seafood too.. I just wish it was nearer home!