Monday, December 9, 2013

Full Bath Update

Although our master bath was in good condition when we moved in, I decided to make a few changes to put our mark on it. Here's what the bathroom looked like before.

To improve things I got rid of the ugly pink paint, and switched to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I used a sample can to paint the small room to save money, it was on sale for only $5. I painted the vanity as well, and changed the knobs, which really helped it to look less cheap. For $150 bucks I highly recommend this vanity. Next I added a carrera marble countertop from a place called European Marble, which ran me $400. Then I added a chrome shower bar and chrome faucet, lighting, and accessories from Restoration Hardware (sidenote: it's a good idea to look for these items on Ebay for a discount). Though high-end fixtures are pricey, I think they're worth it because they have integrity and can last a lifetime (or two or three for that matter). Plus, since the bath was already small, the cost to install them wasn't too bad. I threw in all white linens to keep things feeling classic, open, and spa like.

The faucet is from Restoration's Asbury line. I like the timeless look of it, but be for warned that if you're considering installing it, because of all the crevices it's hard to clean. I use old toothbrushes and a t-shirt to get it back in shining condition.

As you can see bungalows don't come with huge baths, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of em'. As they say....appreciate the small things!


  1. Hi there. Im just popping over from Camilles blog. I adore your gorgeous bungalow! You cant buy that kind of character anymore. I look forward to following along:)