Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Reading

Happy early Memorial Day! I hope you all are having a lovely extended weekend. I will use part of the weekend to catch up on some reading. Here are a few things I hope to read, in case you're interested.

10 Facts you might not know about Memorial Day. HERE
125 Recipes to help fight food waste. HERE
Tips for keeping it real and engaging in meaningful conversation. HERE
How technology is rewiring our brains, and why we sometimes need to unplug. HERE
Stop pretending you're perfect. HERE


  1. I love that 'stop pretending you're perfect.'

    Ain't that a much-needed viewpoint in these days of social media where our best foot is always foreward and photographed ...

    1. Yes, so true Linda. It is something I struggle with as a blogger. I feel we often trade realness for perceived perfection.