Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Around Town: Terra Cafe

One of my favorite Baltimore restaurants is a place called TERRA CAFE. The hubs and I have been going there for years. It's not super close to where we live, but it's well worth the drive down to Charles Village. Terra offers delicious inexpensive comfort food, in a warm casual environment. The veggie wrap, mac and cheese, fish sub, yams, and chicken dishes are all scrumptious and cost under $10. The Terra Burger is AMAZING and makes me miss the days when I ate red meat. I have used them for catering in the past, and my guests were very happy campers.

What makes this place extra special is not just the food, but the vibe when you come inside. The owner is an awesome guy by the name of Terrence who is so much fun to talk to, and never forgets a customer's face. He is also super active in the Baltimore community and regularly assembles groups of volunteers to distribute food to the homeless, should you be looking for any outreach opportunities. The sign on the front of the restaurant says "welcome family", and you will feel it come to life should you decide to stop in. Make sure to go when you have a good amount of free time though because it can be crowded and service is not very fast, but worth the wait. Feel free to bring little ones with you.


  1. Oh YUM. Just too good to look at, read about, enjoy!