Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I learned In January

Hi folks. I know it's been forever and a day since I last posted, but I haven't forgotten about you.... I promise. Today I wanted to share with you what I learned in January (or thereabouts).

1) How to get out baby poop stains. It's inevitable every new parent has been there....the moment you meet your match...the stinky icky green baby poop stain. Word on the street is big ones can't be gotten rid of, but I have found the secret. A soak overnight in the sink with a scoop of Oxiclean does the job. Before soaking rub some of the oxi and water over the stain. This also works on that gross breast milk smell that gets into baby stuff.

2) How to keep linens fresh. After washing my linens I keep them in a clean laundry bag and throw in a few bars of  smell good soap. I like to use lavender scented soap by Yardley, because it smells great and is super cheap.

3) My husband is romantic in his own special way. If I had to grade the hubs in the traditional romance department, I'd have to give him at best a D. I mean, he even forgot to get down on one knee when he proposed to me (or more accurately when he stated with ring in hand, "we should get married"). His lack of movie worthy romance doesn't mean he doesn't love me though, and he always finds a way to show it in the most unsuspecting ways. Like at Christmas, when instead of giving me a gift...because he knows I already have too much stuff and don't want anymore... he gave me a good deed. He did something really nice for a stranger in my honor. I teared up a little when he told me about it.

4) Someone actually reads this little blog. Recently, I became aware someone nominated this blog for the Baltimore Sun's annual best new blog award. I am honestly very flattered. I'm glad someone finds this thing useful. Thanks, to whoever you are!

What did you learn this month? To learn from others visit CHATTING AT THE SKY.

(PHOTO: home in Baltimore's Lake Walker neighborhood)


  1. Hi! I'm your neighbor on Emily's site. Love your laundry tip. I use Yardley's Oatmeal soap to keep ME fresh and I love it. I'll be trying that lavender scent for the sheets. Great idea as I have lots of company. Also...I hear ya about an unromantic husband. Mine picked up a broken gold earring off the pavement where we were taking a walk and worked the back off of it, squeezed it and used it to propose. No knee involved either. He has since bought me lots of beautiful jewelry in the 36 years we've been married so I'm not complaining. Sure helps to know those love languages. :) Love the look of your site here. I'll be back to explore. Blessings....

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for visiting. What a cute proposal story. I guess your husband was feeling quite inspired on your walk :-)

  2. So cool to see you again, My B'More friend! And I love that you talked about your man's love language. A generous deed is the loveliest of gifts indeed.

    Every time.

    1. Hi Linda! Yes a generous deed is one lovely gift, that anyone can give.