Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Worth Your Money: Amazon Prime

There are not many bills I look forward to paying, but when it's time to renew my Amazon Prime, I quickly hit the pay button. If you don't know about Amazon Prime, it's a service offered by Amazon that gives you unlimited shipping for a year. They also throw in extra perks like free instant streaming of selected movies and television shows, as well as selected free music. For a household like ours it's a real steal, we regularly milk the heck outta that baby! Though we try hard to shop local, Amazon is our go to source for certain hard to find items, and any large sized purchases that won't fit into our tiny car. We get waaaay more than our money's worth in shipping, plus free entertainment when we've exhausted our going out budget for the month, or just want a night in.


  1. I use amazon often enough, but I usually combine items so I don't have to pay for a shipping. I had no idea though you get free movies and shows. I might have to look into it :)

  2. I use Amazon Prime too. It pays for itself in no time. Thanks for the comment on my lamps. TGIF!!!

  3. I totally agree. I love it. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I became addicted to House of Cards! Have a great weekend!!