Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Spy: Items That Can Be Used For Our Nursery

As I begin designing our little one's nursery, besides safety, the most important issue I must keep in mind is the budget. I've set aside a total of $350 for decorating, and not a penny over. To keep costs low I have to be resourceful, and use restraint when shopping (this is soooo hard when all first-time parents want to do is buy all kinds of cute stuff for their kid). The first place I'm shopping for items is at home. Most people have tons of stuff around their house that they are not using or could be temporarily repurposed for a nursery. Today, I took inventory off all the stuff I currently have that might work well in the baby's room. Here's what I found.....

A small chest currently being used in my home office. It's tiny, but so are baby clothes, so it might work. I don't have much money to buy a dresser, so I've got to get creative. It's cheap looking and in a hot mess state right now. I'm hoping it's something some paint and new hardware can fix.

A throw I used to cuddle up on the couch with, but since changing the color scheme in the living room I haven't used it much.

 A vintage rocking chair I picked up a few years ago. I have back problems sometimes, so when I spotted this cute rocker for a good price, I quickly scooped it up. The bear was a gift to my nephew that he keeps at our house, hopefully he doesn't mind sharing with his cousin.

A lamp I bought for a few bucks for the hubs' office. He never used it :-( I guess his loss, is the baby's gain.

 An antique ship photograph that hangs in the hubs' office. This room will become the baby's room, so I figure there may be no need to move it.

A pillow from my office. I love the print of the fabric, so this has a good chance of making the cut.

A dream catcher picked up from a vintage store during our latest trip to St. Michaels. (You can read about trip our trip HERE).

An old basket that's currently housing shoes I never wear. I'm thinking it might make good book or toy storage.

I also have multiple plastic drawers that can be used for hidden storage, a silver picture frame, old shirts I use for scrap material (I frequently shrink the hubs' shirts, terrible, I know), and tons of leftover paint from past projects (remember that powder room PAINT FIASCO?).

I think this is a good start.


  1. I am always surprised at what I can find if I shop my house! All those things can work really well in a nursery which by the way I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations. Very exciting!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Looks like you have a great start to your nursery - good luck getting it all together!