Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Around (Another) Town: New York City With A Toddler

I know it's been forever since I last posted, but I am indeed still around! I hope to be posting more regularly again. To get things back rolling I thought I'd show some cool things to do with toddlers in New York City. New York is not necessarily the most kid friendly place, but it does have some cool stuff to offer. So without further a due here are some of my recommendations.

1) Visit the BROOKLYN CHILDREN'S MUSEUM. Sometimes it can be hard to find museums appropriate for toddlers, but the Brooklyn Children's Museum does not disappoint in this category. It has something for kids of all ages. Toddlers can enjoy hands on water fun, light shows, and an extensive indoor jungle gym.

2) Visit the Smithsonian's  NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN. The American Indian museum is truly amazing, and best of all free! It gets extra points for having plenty for both kids and adults to enjoy. Baby Z had a blast playing in a life sized teepee, while I enjoyed learning so much rich American history. They also have a wonderful gift shop filled with excellent books, music, and lovely handcrafted toys and artifacts.

3) Visit GRANDMA'S PLACE toy store in Harlem. Do you like buying unique and engaging toys for kids? If so, grandma's place is for you. They have a large array of not so easily found toys that will knock your socks off. Plan accordingly, because you could spend a good chunk of time here looking at all their goodies.

4) Ride the subway. It may not seem intuitive, but riding the subway can be a lot of fun for a toddler. To my surprise it was Baby Z's favorite thing. And that's because she loved watching the street performers! Seeing talented dancers and musicians, made my little one's day. She got to laugh and boogey with strangers for close to free.

5) Go for a carousel ride. There are many places that offer carousel rides in NYC. Just use Google to find one. We enjoyed the ride at Bryant Park in Manhattan. In addition to a carousel they have beautiful flowers and places to eat outside for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Oh she' growing up too fast! I remember when you posted her first picture!

    Enjoy every fleeting second, friend ...