Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Letter to Baby Z (#1)

Dear Baby Z,

Thank you for putting up with us while we forced you to play dress up and take a million pictures the other day. We know you are a person and not a doll, and that you probably had better things to do that day, like lay on mommy's chest. From the looks of a few of your pictures you did not have the greatest time during our little photo shoot. We apologize for putting you through it, it's just that grandparents and other loved ones are suckers for this sort of thing and we hope to appease them from time to time. We promise we won't let it happen too often. We love you, even if you may have felt like we didn't as we forced your little body into this outfit. Please forgive us.

Mum and Dad


  1. Awww, what a sweetie! Glad you're enjoying motherhood :-) Take care! xx

    1. Thanks Yuko. I'm having a blast, minus the lack of sleep of course.

    2. Oh the lack of sleep is hard. It'll get better, I promise! Hang in there :)