Thursday, February 13, 2014

Around Town: Uncle Wiggley's

When you're starving and absolutely positively don't have it in you to cook, don't turn to fast food. Instead head on up the street to Uncle Wiggley's. This gem of a deli is located in Towson on York Road not too far from Lake Walker. They have hands down the best deli sandwiches in the B'more area, and I'm from Detroit, deli capital of the world, so my opinion counts for a lot.

They also have a large assortment of ice creams, many of which come from B'more's own Taharka Brothers (sidenote: If you don't yet know about the deliciousness of Taharka ice cream, go get some right NOW).

My favorite sandwich on the menu is the Rueben. It is mmm mmmm goooooood.

When you go in you'll notice it's super cozy with a strong community vibe. They even display artwork from local children.

Here's that yummy Reuben, complete with Baltimore's adopted potato chip....all for the lowly sum of $6. Well worth it!

P.S. They are currently hiring, if you know anyone looking for a job.

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  1. That ruben sandwich looks so good! I will have to try this place when I'm in the area. I love the children's artwork on the wall too!